ADAK Educates Commonwealth Youth Games Athletes on Clean Sports.

As part of its ongoing commitment to promoting clean and fair competition in sports, the Kenya Anti-Doping Agency (ADAK) conducted a comprehensive educational session for athletes currently in camp preparing for the Commonwealth Games.

As the athletes continue their preparations for the Commonwealth Games, NOC-K remains dedicated to providing ongoing education and support in the fight against doping in sports. By equipping athletes with the necessary knowledge and resources through the National Olympic Committee of Kenya ADAK aims to foster a culture of fair competition and uphold the principles of clean sportsmanship.

The session led by Head of Education at ADAK, Dr. Martin Yauma, the session aimed to enlighten athletes on the crucial aspects of clean sports, the effects of using banned substances, and the importance of adhering to anti-doping regulations.

The athletes were provided with vital information regarding the potential risks and consequences associated with the use of prohibited substances in sports. Dr. Martin Yauma emphasized the significance of maintaining integrity and ensuring a level playing field for all participants by staying clear of banned substances and prohibited methods.

The key topics covered in the session included;

Effects of Banned Substances where Athletes were educated on the potential health risks and performance-enhancing effects of using banned substances. By understanding the detrimental impact on their physical well-being, ADAK aimed to discourage any temptation towards doping practices.

Doping Tests and Procedures: The athletes were provided with an overview of the doping testing process, including the collection of samples, laboratory analysis, and result reporting. Clear and concise explanations were given to ensure the athletes comprehend the procedures involved.

Prohibited List: ADAK shed light on the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List, which outlines substances and methods that are strictly banned in sports. The importance of regularly checking the list to avoid inadvertent violations was emphasized.

Dr. Martin Yauma stressed the significance of clean sports and the impact that doping can have on the reputation of athletes, as well as the broader sporting community. He encouraged the athletes to act as role models and ambassadors for clean sports, inspiring the next generation of athletes to compete with integrity and respect for the rules.