Coaches Ataro’s ‘They were the best side’ and Senge’s ‘proud of the performance’ reactions.

It was a bittersweet reaction to coach Josephine Ataro and Meshack Senge after Strathmore for the 1st time defeated Blazers.

After over 10 years Blazers got their first defeat of the season losing to Strathmore University (Scorpions) 2-0.

Maureen Ong’ong’e and Gilly Okumu scored for Scorpions in the 2nd and 57th minutes of the game.

Reacting to the result, Blazers head coach Josephine Ataro said the loss was a wake-up call for them.

Her Scorpions counterpart Meshack Senge was elated at his team’s performance and proud of them.

Blazers play promoted DFG Wolverines on 9th April while Scorpions take on Amira Sailors on 24th April in their next fixtures.