Excitement Builds for the 2024 Hockey League Season.

Hello, Kenya hockey enthusiasts!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that has been announced by the executive committee of the Kenya Hockey Union (KHU) following their interactive sessions with club officials, including Presidents, SGS, Team Managers, and Captains. The decisions made during these sessions are sure to fuel our passion for the game and set the stage for an unforgettable 2024 league season.

  1. The Season Kick-Off:
    Mark your calendars, for the 2024 league season will commence on Saturday, June 15th, 2024. It’s a date that all hockey players and fans have been eagerly awaiting, as we prepare to witness exhilarating matches and unforgettable moments on the field.
  2. Registration Deadline:
    In order to ensure fair competition and adherence to regulations, clubs are required to register with the Registrar of Sports. The executive committee has set a deadline of June 14th for clubs to either complete their registration or provide evidence of having submitted their application for registration. This requirement, however, does not apply to universities and the Kenya Police. It is important to note that failure to meet this deadline will result in clubs being unable to participate in their scheduled matches, leading to automatic forfeiture.
  3. Fixture Announcement:
    The anticipation is building as we await the release of the fixtures for the upcoming season. The executive committee is working diligently to finalize the schedule, ensuring that each team has an opportunity to showcase their skills against their rivals. Stay tuned, as the fixtures will be issued in due course.
  4. Alternative Pitches:
    Due to the ongoing renovations at City Park Stadium, alternative pitches have been designated for the league matches. We will be gracing the fields of Impala grounds, JKUAT, Dashmesh Stadium, Kenyatta University, Parklands Sports Club, and UON. These venues will provide the perfect stage for fierce competition and unforgettable moments. However, please note that negotiations are currently underway for the availability of Dashmesh (Sikh), Kenyatta University, Parklands Sports Club, and UON grounds. We eagerly await updates on these negotiations and their potential inclusion in the league matches.
  5. Financial Stability:
    To ensure the financial stability of the Kenya Hockey Union, clubs are strongly encouraged to settle any outstanding dues owed to the KHU before playing their first match. This collective effort will contribute to the growth and development of the sport we love.
  6. Transfers Announcement:
    The final list of approved transfers will be released by the end of the week. This eagerly anticipated announcement will bring excitement and intrigue as new players find their place among various teams. We appreciate your patience as the KHU ensures a fair and transparent process for all involved.

If you require any clarification or have further inquiries, please reach out to Wycliffe Ongori, the Secretary General of KHU. He will be more than happy to assist you.

With the 2024 league season just around the corner, excitement is mounting among players, coaches, and fans alike. Let’s gear up, hone our skills, and embrace the spirit of competition as we come together to celebrate the sport we all love. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready for a season filled with unforgettable moments on the hockey field!

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