Get to know Technical Judge, Caren Koloni

Today on our feature stories we get to learn about technical judge, Caren Koloni. So before we know him lets know what it means to be a technical judge.

General Roles and Responsibilities

  • Reports to Technical Delegate.
  • Assists with the pre-event check (field and GK equipment, uniforms, passports and required forms.)
  • If requested, assists the TD with:
  • the allocation of team colours for matches
  • the appointments of Technical Officials for matches
  • If requested, assists the TD with any disciplinary hearings.
  • Will be appointed to matches in the various roles (Technical Officer, Timing Judge, Scoring Judge) as further described below.

Person Specification and Skills

  • Thorough knowledge of the Rules of Hockey and the relevant FIH Tournament Regulations.
  • Proficient in dealing with the Tournament Management System (TMS).
  • IT literate.
  • High level written and verbal skills in English.
  • Excellent diplomatic skills.

Koloni started playing hockey back in high school at Cardinal Otunga Girls. She later joined Mount Kenya University (MKU) and Jomo Kenyatta University (JKUAT) where she continued to play.

What motivated me was the love for the sport
I not only wanted to be at the stands. I always yearned to be in the system, be there, see how things are run and also participate towards building the sport. I am glad I am living my dream.

The journey has been great, Ofcourse the highs and lows are always there but yes, we learn everyday. I am sure and also confident in me.. that I am getting better every day in this journey.

At first you are scaredūü§£ the next time you are enjoying it because you know you are no longer there as an individual but a flag bearer and so you want to give your best because that’s a very big task representing your country‚Ķ
So I would say my experience as an international judge has been a whole learning and getting better process.. looking forward to more and more duties Inshallah.

It’s an awesome experience and they should go ahead and join the awesome family so that we can work together to grow the sport and in the end we will all win.