Impala is out in Mombasa to defend Masters Series.

Impala Hockey Masters team will this weekend be in Mombasa to defend their KHU masters series. The series is being hosted by Mombasa County Hockey Association this weekend. 6 teams have confirmed confirmation.

The teams participating include Nakuru Masters, Wazalendo Masters, Runners up Blue Ocean Chiefs, Nairobi Series winners Impala Veterans, Parkroad Veterans, and Greensharks Veterans.

Eligibility of playing in the tournament will depend on gender and it will be as follows:

  • Men should be over 40 years of age as of 1st January 2022 i.e. they should be born on or before 31st December 1981
  • Ladies should be over 35 years of age as of 1st January 2022 i.e. they should be born on or before 31st December 1987

The maximum number of individuals of the opposite gender on a mixed-gender team is five (5), and only three (3) can be on the field at any given time.

Registration of players

The following will be the regulations for registering players for the tournament:

  • For the season, a team may register as many players as they like.
  • The annual registration cost for each player should be Kshs 1000.
  • A maximum of Eighteen (18) players, inclusive of two (2) goalkeepers, shall be entered for a specific Masters tournament.

Tournament Rules and Regulations

The tournament will be played in a Round Robin format with one pool. The top four teams will qualify for semis and finals. Duration for the matches will be 15 minutes for each half with a break of two minutes between them.

Cards used for the tournament will be as follows:

  • A green card will cost a penalty of one minute
  • A yellow card will cost a penalty of three minutes.

Apart from these changes, the tournament will be conducted in accordance with the FIH Rules of Hockey. Each team will also be required to submit a signed WMH code of conduct form. Teams that have registered will participate in the draw, and those teams will also receive information about the tournament.

The participating teams will receive points for participating in the tournament series and separate points for performance, in addition to the trophies and medals given to deserving teams during the competition. These will be gained through participation in the succeeding tournament series, and the team with the most points at the conclusion of all Masters Tournament Series for the season will be declared the winner.

The matches will be streamed live on the Kenya Hockey Union Page courtesy of Hockey KE who are the official media partners.