KHU Announce a list of 18 players for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The Kenya Hockey Union has announced the list of 18 players for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The games will be held from Friday, 29 July 2022 to Monday, 8 August 2022 in Birmingham, England. They also announced an additional 7 players who will be on standby.

Okore Quinter of UoN and Adhiambo Milicent of Lakers have made it to the final list while Wabomba Maroline of Daystar is on standby. Mbugua Beatrice and Lynn Mumbi of USIU and Onyango Vivian of Lakers are among those who have made it in the defense.

Strathmore’s Gilly Okumu has come back, while Kuria Rhoda of USIU-A is among those on the reserve team.

List of 18 Players


  1. Okore Quinter
  2. Adhiambo Millicent


  1. Mbugua Beatrice
  2. Lynn Mumbi
  3. Onyango Vivian
  4. Anjao Joan


  1. Owiti Maureen (Defender/ Midfielder)
  2. Mutiva Flavian (Utility)
  3. Guchu Caroline (Utility/Midfielder)
  4. Kipsang Tamunai


  1. Okumu Maureen (Midfielder/Forward)
  2. Owiti Alice (Midfielder/Forward)
  3. Eleanor Chebet (Midfielder/Forward)
  4. Okumu Gilly (Midfielder/Forward)
  5. Onsare Jeriah
  6. Odhiambo Nichole
  7. Bwire Akoth Grace
  8. Kemunto Naomi



  1. Karanja Tracy
  2. Ochieng Gaudencia
  3. Jemutai Elsie


  1. Opondo Aurelia
  2. Kuira Rhoda (Midfielders/Forward)


  1. Akoth Beverly


  1. Wabomba Maroline