Nakuru Leads Day 1 of Masters Series 3 with 11 Points.

Nakuru Hockey Veterans are leading day 1 of the Masters Series that is being played in Mombasa. The Hosts Blue Ocean Chiefs are 2nd with 8 points. Sikh Union and Impala are tied at 7 points. Sikh Union are ranked 3rd while Impala are ranked 4th.

Wazalendo are 5th with 5 points while Greensharks veterans are 6th with the same points. Parkroad Lions are 7th with 4 points after day 1.

Sikh Union shared points with Impala after drawing 1-1 in their fixture played at noon. Impala also drew 0-0 with Nakuru veterans.

The last matches of the round robin will be played tomorrow before the playoffs are played. Greensharks and Sikh Union Veterans are the 1st to play at 10:00 am. The 1st Semi Final will be played 11:30 am with the finals expected to be played at 1pm.