Nominations deadline for FIH President and EB members set for 26 August.

The deadline to receive nominations for the elections to the position of FIH President and to the four open positions of the executive board (EB) Ordinary Member has been set for 26 August 2022 (midnight CEST).

The elections will be held on 5 November, during the FIH Congress which will be staged virtually on 4-5 November 2022.

The duration of the term of the new FIH President will be of 2 years, in order to complete the mandate of previous FIH President Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra who resigned on 18 July.

The four Ordinary EB Members whose current term is coming to an end in November are:
– Maureen Craig-Rousseau (Trinidad and Tobago)
– Elizabeth Safoa King (Ghana)
– Shahbaz Ahmad (Pakistan)
– Michael Green (Germany)

According to the FIH Statutes, these four positions open to election shall include 2 female and 2 male Members.

The mandate of the Athlete’s representative, Rogier Hofman, is also ending in November. An appointment for this position will be made by the Athletes Committee.

The FIH Executive Board consists of:

  • The FIH President;
  • Eight Ordinary members – four female and four male Members -, one half being renewed every two years;
  • An Athletes’ Representative;
  • The Presidents of the Continental Federations;
  • The FIH CEO;
  • Any (non-voting) member co-opted onto the Executive Board pursuant to Article 7.1(c)

of the FIH Statutes.

Following the resignation of Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra, the Members of the EB unanimously appointed FIH EB Member and President of the African Hockey Federation Seif Ahmed (Egypt) as Acting President until the next Presidential elections.

In accordance with the FIH Regulations, the election process will be overseen by the FIH Elections Oversight Panel (EOP). The aim of the EOP is to ensure that the FIH elections are carried out in a fair and transparent manner consistent with the FIH StatutesIntegrity CodeElections Manual, and General Regulations. Any nomination has to be approved by the EOP before being validated.

Source: FIH Website