Police, Strathmore Win With Clean Sheet as 11 goals scored in Sunday Fixtures

A total of 11 goals were scored on Sunday as week 2 of the Kenya Hockey Union (KHU) league ended.

Nakuru, Kenyatta University ladies, Strathmore and Kenya Police won their matches today with Wazalendo Masters drawing their second match with Kenyatta University.

Greensharks also won their match against Parkroad Badgers 3-1. This game had been halted with only 15 minutes to go last week due to power failure.

13th March 2022 Results
Super League Men – City Park

Wazalendo Masters 1-1 KU
KCA 0-1 Nakuru

Super League Women – City Park
Vikings 0-2 KU

Premier League Women – City Park
Sliders 0-3 Strathmore

Premier League Men – City Park
Wazalendo 0-3 Kenya Police
Parkroad Badgers 1-3 Greensharks

Photo: Danstone Baraza | HockeyKE