The story Charity Miller’s passion for hockey and umpire.

Charity Miller is well known in the hockey community not only as a player but also as an umpire. She is one of the few female umpires not only in Kenya but also in Africa. A few months ago, the international body that governs hockey, Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH) accredited her as an international umpire. 

Many people may not know that Charity began her sporting career as a footballer. It took the Vikings’ head coach, Clyde Mmbaha who got her into playing the sport of soccer. Once she tasted it she never looked back. Charity first played for Vikings and then moved to Sliders where she has been playing to date. 

She sat with George Njuguna to talk about her hockey journey as a player and umpire.

What motivated you to join? 

We only had two FIH accredited Female umpires in Kenya who were Caren Ouma and Tina Agunda (now an Umpire manager)

 There were few ladies in umpiring and I felt challenged to contribute to the sport though I still play in the Premier league. 

Who introduced you to umpiring?

Caren Ouma got me into umpiring

How ahead the journey been? 

Very interesting as i have only umpired fully for 1 year i.e 2019 season. 

Highs and lows of it? 

Highs: Being nominated to umpire FIH matches as now the only FIH female umpire in Kenya. 

Lows: Having difficult and dishonest players who don’t accept the umpire’s decisions. 

What motivates you to do this?  

It’s for the love of the sport. 

How does it feel to be made an international umpire? 

Appreciable and motivated to even go higher.. 

The journey has just started i would say. 

Do you have a role model umpire?

Obalo Peter

Tina Agunda

Caren Ouma

A word to other ladies who want to be umpires? 

Just follow your dreams, listen to constructive criticism, and be ready to learn, and be better at it. Consistency and discipline are the order of the day.

Charity umpiring during the 2022 African Club of Nations that was held in Ghana in January.

“Special thanks to my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Majimbo for encouraging me.”

Charity miller