Tigoi and Musingu Triumph at the 2024 Brookside Dairy KSSSA National Term One Games in Machakos.

The 2024 Brookside Dairy KSSSA National Term One Games held in Machakos witnessed incredible moments of triumph and determination. The girls’ final showcased a thrilling match between Tigoi and Nyamira, while the boys’ final featured Musingu and St Anthony’s. These intense battles on the field captivated the audience, culminating in Tigoi claiming their maiden national title and Musingu securing their second championship. The coaches and players showcased their talent, resilience, and unwavering spirit throughout the tournament.

Girls’ Final: Tigoi vs. Nyamira

The girls’ final between Tigoi and Nyamira was a compelling clash of skill and strategy. Both teams displayed remarkable prowess and determination from the opening whistle. Tigoi took an early lead, capitalizing on a well-executed play to secure the first goal. Nyamira fought back relentlessly, creating numerous opportunities to equalize. Their persistence paid off as they managed to find the back of the net, leveling the score.

With the game hanging in the balance, both teams fiercely contested every possession. As the clock ticked away, Tigoi seized the opportunity to score a decisive goal, sending waves of jubilation through their supporters. The final whistle blew, confirming Tigoi’s 2-1 victory and crowning them as the champions of the tournament. The ecstatic Tigoi players celebrated their maiden national title, their hard work and dedication paying off in an unforgettable moment of triumph.

Boys’ Final: Musingu vs. St Anthony’s

The boys’ final showcased a pulsating matchup between Musingu and St Anthony’s. The atmosphere was electric as both teams left no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. Musingu drew first blood, displaying exceptional skill and teamwork to take an early lead. St Anthony’s responded with determination, unleashing a fierce offensive onslaught that resulted in two goals, swinging the momentum in their favor.

Undeterred, Musingu rallied together, displaying resilience and tactical prowess. They showcased their fighting spirit and turned the tide in their favor, scoring two crucial goals to regain the lead. As the final whistle echoed through the stadium, Musingu emerged victorious with a 3-2 scoreline, claiming their second national title in the school’s history.

Coach Mike Malungu expressed his admiration for his team’s performance, acknowledging the intensity of the match and the valiant efforts of his young players. He praised their ability to grind out the result and secure the championship. The Musingu players celebrated their hard-fought victory, reveling in the joy of their remarkable achievement.


The 2024 Brookside Dairy KSSSA National Term One Games in Machakos left an indelible mark in the annals of school sports. Tigoi secured their maiden national title in the girls’ division, while Musingu celebrated their second championship in the boys’ division. These victories were a testament to the unwavering dedication, skill, and resilience displayed by the players and coaches. The tournament showcased the extraordinary talent and passion for sports among the participating schools.

As the teams celebrated their triumphs, the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie shone through. The 2024 Brookside Dairy KSSSA National Term One Games will be remembered as a testament to the power of determination and teamwork, inspiring future generations of athletes to strive for greatness.Tell me more.What were some standout performances from the Tigoi and Musingu players during the tournament?How did the coaches prepare their teams for the intense matches in the tournament?Can you provide more details about the atmosphere and crowd support during the finals?

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