T.P.D.F & Black Mamba in Pool B As Moshi and Twiga Tie in Pool A of Mapinduzi Hockey Tournament.

Tanzania People Defence Forces (T.P.D.F) and Black Mamba have proceeded to the semi-finals of the 2022 Mapinduzi Hockey Tournament.

Moshi Khalsa and Arusha Twigas however have tied on points in Pool A and will have to play penalty strokes to decide the winner of the pool.

Penalty stroke competition will start at 7 AM and thereafter the 1st semi kicks off.

Day 2 Results

Moshi Khalsa 5 – 0 Annadil Burhani

Arusha Twigas 2- 0 JMK Park

T.P.D.F 2 – 1 Black Mamba

Moshi khalsa 4 – 0 JMK Park

Tanga Stars 0 – 5 Black Mamba

Arusha Twigas 6 – 0 Annadil Burhani