Kenya Ladies climb Position 34 in World Rankings; Men drop to Position 57.

Kenya National men’s team has dropped in the world ranking according to the latest rankings released today by the International Hockey Federation (FIH). The Women’s team has improved moving up several places.

Men’s Category

Kenya in Africa Cup of Nations 2022

The Men have dropped to position 57 having dropped from position 48 and now have 395.01 points. They are 6th in Africa behind South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

In the Men’s World Rankings, there is little change at the top. Australia remains in pole position on 2742.258 points, with Belgium a few points behind on 2663.486.

Ladies Category

The national ladies have moved to position 34 from position 45 with 617.407. Kenya is 3rd in Africa behind South Africa and Ghana which are ranked 16th and 30th respectively.

There is no surprise to see the Netherlands (3115.356) clear by some margin at the top of the Women’s FIH World Rankings.

The next seven positions are also intact with Argentina (2610.650), Australia (2434.048), England (2384.971), and Germany (2240.079) occupying those positions. 

To see the complete FIH World Rankings, click here.

How the FIH World Rankings work:

The number of points exchanged depends on the result of the match, the relative ranking of the teams, and the importance of the match. 

FIH World Rankings explained:

  • Based on the Elo rating system, which is used as the basis of many other sports ranking systems 
  • When two nations play against each other, a number of ranking points are exchanged between them 
  • In every match, the number of points gained by one team is exactly matched by the number of points lost by the other
  • Teams will win more points for beating teams ranked above them, and therefore teams will lose more points for losing to a team ranked below them 
  • Teams will win less points for beating teams ranked below them, and therefore teams will lose less points for losing to a team ranked above them
  •  If a draw occurs, the lower-ranked team will gain a small number of points, and the higher-ranked team will lose the same number of points 
  • The number of points exchanged is dependent on the result of the match (win, lose, shootout win/loss, or draw), the importance of the match (part of a major tournament, or a test series for example), and the relative difference in ranking points between the teams before the match.